The Culture War is On!


If anyone doubts we have a culture war going on right now in this country they are either uninformed, delusional, or they work for MSNBC.  It is not a war that was started or chosen by us traditionalists, yet it is a war that must be fought to the finish and won.  Nothing less than the soul and future of the nation are at stake.  The fighting takes place here and now: in the blogosphere — the front lines of the culture war.  

'Tis time!

So visors down, shields up, swords at the ready, and let the battle begin!

6 Responses to “The Culture War is On!”

  1. mike Says:

    I wanted to reach out and tell you to stop listening to Mark Levin and start listening to Michael Medved. He is NOT a moderate. What he is is an intelligent calming voice that is good for the cause and will help the R’s take the houses back in Nov. Levin is a pissed off ranter that has no desire in convincing people that he has the best logical argument. He just foments anger and that doesn’t help the party or his listeners. Also, check out my you tube page…you might find the spoken word pieces interesting. Take care.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Thanks for reaching out, and the answer to your question is yes.
      As for Levin, he is one of the few people on radio or elsewhere who, in my opinion, actually tells the truth. If he is offensive, it is because the truthful reality of what he talks about is offensive. If he rants, it is because he is incensed and rightfully so, for now is a time to be incensed. There is a time for being reasonable and having polite reasoned discussion and a time for being unreasonable. The time for reasonable argument with the other side is over. Now it is time to show them just how unreasonable we can be, and Levin is the best spokesman for that.
      As for Medved, I’ve listened to him a few times and frankly can’t figure out what he is. While he sounds fiscally conservative he seems all over the map on social and cultural issues. Besides, didn’t he used to do movie reviews with his fat liberal buddy Roger Ebert?
      I wasn’t able to find your youtube page.

  2. David & Antonia Says:

    Thank you for posting the Gettysburg Address on your site. It can never be read to many times. I grew up in Virginia/Washington DC and I wish more people would read these magnificent words.


  3. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. heidilore Says:

    Great stuff, thank you for giving me the link 😉

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