Mosque Mania!

Yesterday, the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf called on “moderate” Muslims (and others of the moderate persuasion) to take control of the debate swirling around the controversial proposed Ground Zero mosque, known as Cordoba House.  1

Speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations 2 —a self-described research center that dedicates itself to understanding the world “by better comprehending global trends,” Imam Rauf said that America has let “extremists hijack the agenda.” 3

The Iman (who for some reason reminds me of a Bond villain) had some other things to say.  First, that he is a devout Muslim and that he prays at least five times a day as required by Muslim law.  But that he’s also just a regular American, that he pays his taxes, pledges allegiance to the flag, and that he’s even a Giants fan don’t-cha know!  (Personally, I would rather he’d said he was a Jets fan, but that’s just me.)

In light of all the controversy surrounding the Cordoba project, when asked about whether it was necessary to build a mosque at Ground Zero, this regular, reasonable American said that his answer is still “a categorical yes.”

Now, I actually agree with the silver-tongued Imam that the voices of reason should attempt to regain control of the discourse regarding the mosque, but for those of you who are just joining the story now, let’s examine some items of recent history:

Item One:

When asked last month by the Governor of New York, David Paterson, to meet in order to discuss the possibility of moving the mosque to another location, the Imam and the developer behind the project categorically refused to meet and rejected any offer on the part of the Governor to help them find a different site.

Item Two:

When Donald Trump, in an attempt to end the controversy, made an offer to purchase the proposed mosque site for 25 percent over and above the value of the property, the lawyer representing the Imam and the project developer rejected the offer calling it a cheap publicity stunt.

Item Three:

Last week, the Imam appeared on CNN and said that if the mosque is moved at this stage it would mean violent attacks against the United States and that “if we don’t handle this crisis correctly it could become something which could really become very, very, very dangerous indeed.” 4  (Now, I’m no expert on criminal law, but that sounds a lot like extortion to me.)

Item Four:

During the same CNN interview, wherein he fielded a battery of tough, investigative questions by fourteen-year-old Soledad Obrien, he said that he would provide complete information that would make transparent all the murky details behind the syndicate of backers on the mosque project, including whether any of them are affiliated with terrorist organizations. (We are still waiting on that, by the way.)

Item Five:

The Imam has made statements in the past about: America being an accessory to 9-11, about America having more blood on its hands than Al Qaeda, about having America become compliant to Islamic Sharia law, and about how Hamas is not really what he would call a terrorist organization. But let’s not dwell on the past.

So where was I?  Ah, yes – moderate Muslims.  Well, as I said, I agree with the smooth-talking Imam that moderate Muslims should control the discourse. But what I am wondering about now is whether the Imam actually knows of any.





Fn. 1:  The proposed name for the planned Ground Zero mosque—Cordoba House—refers to Cordoba, Spain where Muslims built a great mosque as a symbol of their conquest of Spain during the Islamic invasion of the 8th century.  The building of mosques on conquered ground is standard practice in the Muslim world: a kind of triumphalism or a planting of a flag of victory. 

Fn. 2: This august body is apparently populated by great world thinkers such as movie actress Angelina Jolie and T.V. anchorman Brian Williams.  See:

Fn. 3:

Fn. 4:

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7 Responses to “Mosque Mania!”

  1. concernedx2 Says:

    Very well said; the term “radical” has only recently been added to the Muslim movement to make Islam the foremost global religion. I don’t even think they considered themselves to be “radical” when they left 30,000 Christian places of worship in ruins as they blazed a path of death and distruction across the globe until they were stopped in Tours France by Charles Martel; Govenor of the Palace, and his small army.
    American politicians need to wake up and realize that the Muslims are advancing Islam which is a religion and America is promoting democracy which happens to be political governing.
    A Mosque at Ground Zero represents a military victory in a war that Muslims have been waging for thousands of years that America entered into in 1992. America has a great relationship with Japan without them building a Buddhist Temple on the grave sites of American Sailors at Pearl Harbor. If we must have a good relationship with Muslims, there is such a thing as just good manners; a quality that seems to have been neglected in that wonderful education of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      American politicians need to wake up and realize that the Muslims are advancing Islam which is a religion and America is promoting democracy which happens to be political governing.

      — Well said, but I would go even further in adding that it is some of those very American politicians you mention who are advancing Islam. -C.C.

  2. Mosque Mania! – from Culture Crusader | Mosquebusters Says:

    […] This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Angelina Jolie, attacks if mosque moved, backers of mosque, Brian williams, CNN, CNN interview Imam, CNN soledad obrien, Cordoba, Cordoba House, Cordoba initiative, Cordoba project, Council on Foreign Relations, devout Muslim, Donald Trump, extortion, extremists, Giants fan, Governor David Paterson, Governor of New York, ground zero, Ground Zero mosque, Hamas, Hamas terrorist, Imam, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Imam Rauf, Imam statements, interview Imam, Islam, Islamic sharia law, moderate, moderate Muslims, mosque at ground zero, mosque busters, mosque controversy, mosque mania, mosquebusters,, move mosque to different site, move the mosque, Muslim, Muslim extremists, Muslims, pray five times day, prayer, proposed Ground Zero mosque, publicity stunt, Sharia, Sharia law, Soledad O'brien, stop the mosque, terrorist organization, terrorists, Trump offer mosque, violent attacks. Bookmark the permalink. ← Remember 9-11. Stop the Mosque! […]

  3. Marianne Lordi Says:

    In some respects, moderate Muslim is an oxymoron. ( The Iman does look like a Bond villain!! Can’t get that out of my mind now!)

    The sad part of this is that the Qu’ran is the guide for Muslims. Within their holy book is the rules of what must happen to infidels who do not believe and follow Allah. They must die! There is no other recourse in their instruction so what are we to think? Are they going to like me as a Christian? I am an infidel!

    Too many people can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. The course is set. Radical Islam will try to destroy this country and wipe it off the map. That is their goal whether anyone believes it or not. They are devising plans now. Who doesn’t know that?

    • culturecrusader Says:

      I daresay you’ve hit the nail on the head! We need to decide, as a country, what and who we are. Are we one set of values and beliefs, or are we another. We are dealing with a wholly separate, msyoginistic and alien culture here and there is no middle ground.
      This supreme leader of ours, Barack, seems to think we are not at war with Islam because we can’t be at war with a religion. I would agree with him if Islam were only a religion. It is not. It is an ideology. It is a culture. It is a map towards conquest of all that don’t belive.
      There was that individual in Florida who wanted to burn the Koran. I disagree with that, not because it offends but because it misses the point. We should, all of us, read the Koran. Let’s read that book and learn what it says about:
      Britney Spears
      Ok, I made up the last one but you get the picture. :}
      In short, it is a virtual hit-list for anyone who is non-Muslim.
      I don’t know where you live, but if you have anyone who sympathizes with this issue, please forward this website to them:
      and have them get wristbands for themselves and their friends. This issue will only really matter to people if they see how it matters to other people.
      God Bless You.

  4. Marianne Lordi Says:

    You are quite right in all that you say. Islam is not a religion. It is an extreme ideology of convert or die! How do you deal with that? Is there anyone who really thinks that we can be friends with radiacal Islamist who believe that America must be destroyed? I just don’t know where the middle ground is from there!

    I will forward that website to my friends. Please, keep on writing and informing the people because unfortunately, 9-11 was only the beginning for those who hate us.

  5. culturecrusader Says:

    Thanks Marianne! I will. 🙂

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