Who Is This Man and What Does He Want To Do To Your Child?

WARNING: The following contains mature subject matter.  Reader discretion is advised.


Before we get into just who this man is, let’s examine what he wants to do to children, including your child.  First, he likes to start when they’re young—very young, say around five or six years old.  So when you are not around and when your children are at school—in Kindergarten—he will have them taken aside and talked to about their bodies.  All about their bodies.  They will be told such things as what nipples are and where they are found on the body; what penises and vaginas are and where they are found on the body; and what testicles are and where they are found on the body.  And then after your children become a little older and wiser, in other words when they reach First Grade, they will be told that sexual relations between a man and a man, or between a woman and a woman, are perfectly fine and natural. 

Then when they get to be even older than that, say around ten years old and when they are in Fifth Grade, he will have it explained to your children that there are many different ways and positions in which they can enjoy sexual intercourse and that that includes, but is certainly not limited to, vaginal, oral, or even “anal penetration.”  The year after that, your children get to know that sexual intercourse also can be with fingers, tongues and even “objects”!  And when they reach the ripe old age of twelve, after they have gotten themselves so screwed up by being overly sexualized, he will have it told to them that it is okay to make their own personal decision to have an abortion because the Supreme Court says so. 

So who is this man? A pervert? A pedophile? Your local child molester?  Nope, none of the above.  He is Dr. Bruce Messinger, the Superintendent of Public Schools for the City of Helena, Montana.  And if you haven’t guessed it already, he is advocating that all of the above and much, much more be taught to public school children, grades K through 12, by way of a new Health Enhancement Comprehensive Curriculum, which was recently proposed before the Helena Public Schools Board of Trustees.  According to the good doctor, “As educators and as parents and as communities we need to be more proactive in helping inform our students at an appropriate age what the risk factors are associated with their own behaviors so that they can make better decisions about their well-being.” 1   Oh really?  What about the risk factors associated with attending a public school system run by a moron like you? 

The nine-member Board votes on the proposed new Curriculum next month.  Fortunately, outraged parents were at least permitted to voice their concerns before a decision is made as to whether and when the new Curriculum will go into effect. 2

By the way it should be noted that, according to the new Curriculum, children will not have the urinary and excretory systems fully explained to them until they reach the Sixth Grade.  So presumably they will first learn that the anus is to be used for entering before they learn it is really for exiting; giving new meaning to the phrase: “ass backwards.”



Fn. 1:  To view the Fox News article on this story, click here:


Fn. 2:  To view the entire proposed new Curriculum, click on the link below and follow the link to K-12 Health Enhancement Curriculum (in PDF format.) 



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8 Responses to “Who Is This Man and What Does He Want To Do To Your Child?”

  1. Sally Says:

    Nicely done!! Who the Hell does he think he is anyway. This just makes me sick. My 5yr old does not need to know where babies come from. My children will not attend if this is passed!!

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Indeed! I am receiving much feedback along the same lines. It probably won’t pass in its current form, thanks to parents like you standing up for their kids, but a watered down version of it surely will. So-called “progressives” in education and other areas feel they have a green light to go full throttle with their radical agendas with Mr. Obama at the helm. The sooner we get them out of office the better. As for the good doctor Messinger, he is a liberal hack who was probably appointed by some Helena City Council. As a citizen, you can demand that he be fired. If they won’t do that, then vote them out of office! Good luck!

  2. tinadot Says:

    I don’t see why children should be denied knowledge of their own bodies. That includes the excretory and urinary system however. That last point makes the whole thing seem ironic but society I think views sex from the bottom up in the wrong way.

    In fact this post just kind of emphasizes how sex is viewed as bad to begin with. Why not teach children to love their bodies and fully embrace everything including sexuality without shame?

    Having said that, although I do think sex-ed is reasonable to teach to elementary school kids I do agree that kindergarten is too young.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Who is denying children knowledge of their bodies? If parents think it is appropriate to impart certain information to their own children about sex then that is up to them. But here we are talking about a liberal bureaucrat who thinks teaching fifth graders about anal sex is going to make them well-adjusted human beings. His supposed rationale and the rationale of others like him is that the more a kid knows, and the earlier in life they know it, the better decisions they’ll be able to make as adults. By that rationale, the teen pregnancy and STD rates should have been skyrocketing in the 1950s when no sex ed was taught in public schools. Children mature differently and on a case-by-case basis. They also take in information differently than adults do. What adults will rightly interpret as a simple exposition on the human body and human sexuality can easily be misinterpreted by a child as encouragement to engage in such behavior, especially if that information is given to them by an authority figure, like a teacher or other school official.
      And if you think it is reasonable to teach sex ed to elementary school kids, why is it too young for Kindergartners? Why not lay it all out for them just as soon as they can put two words together? In other words, what gives you or anyone the authority to decide when and what kind of sexual information is reasonable to teach to a child?

      • tinadot Says:

        I see what your saying and understand how some parents would find this whole idea objectionable especially as a result of their own biases that society has already rooted into them.

        That you argue children take in information differently that adults I completely agree with. Who better understands this difference than people who work with children everyday and are constantly imparting information in ways that will be received positively and correctly by children aka elementary and kindergarten teachers. Would you not agree that due to the nature of their experience they would probably be the most successful in teaching children sexual education so that it yields positive results?
        When you argue that children will go ahead and think sex ed is the same as telling kids to engage in sexual intercourse is insulting to the intelligence of children. I was taught sexual education in grade 4 and 5. I did not take it as encouraging sexual activity. All it did for me was to equip me with knowledge that I later used to make responsible sexual decisions (I’m 19 now).

        That is the same as saying teaching children that drugs are bad because they are addictive, kill your brains cells and make you die encourages children to seek out cocaine dealers so they can snort.

        Sadly I cannot say the same thing for some of my friends who became sexually active in grade 7 not having had sexual education and becoming pregnant (different schools obviously). They did not even really know what a condom was. Would you say that elementary school sexual education would have been too much for them? Maybe they wouldn’t have had to go through an abortion when they were 13 if only someone had bothered to teach them how to use a condom.

        The argument you make regarding sex skyrocketing in the 1950s I feel is a bit flawed also, because you are looking at the behavior of kids with the information they had in a completely different context from today’s society.
        It is problematic to ignore the fact that our society today is totally different. The nature of news media and access of information to everyone is not even comparable to the 1950s; a time before the information and internet revolution even happened.

        Perhaps it would have been inappropriate in the context of the 1950s to teach children sex in elementary school. Today, it is a different world.

        It would be nice if all parents had the foresight and courage to approach their children about proper sexual education. In practice, most parents don’t do this. Sadly this only leaves their own children vulnerable since the kids are never armed with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to be responsible in their sexual behavior.

  3. tinadot Says:

    Also I don’t think it is necessarily too young to start in kindergarten, at a level that they would understand….but obviously there are vast differences between a kindgartner who has not yet mastered the alphabet and a 6th grader who is on to studying physics and biology and arithmetic. That is why I specifically said elementary school maybe a bit later on.

  4. tinadot Says:

    As I am not a teacher or childcare professional I’m not going to be able to recommend a curriculum as to how to teach kindergartners anything, sex or otherwise. For the answer to your question it would make more sense to look to teachers who are in support of a program to educate children on sexuality and see maybe what route they think is best

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