Gem of the Week: Woody the Fascist


“It is a fool’s prerogative to utter truths that no one else will speak.” 1

In a recent interview published by a Spanish language newspaper, film director and comedian Woody Allen had this to say about Barack Obama: “I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him… It would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.” 2

Dictator? Really?  Sounds ridiculous, right?  And coming from a nutty—albeit highly accomplished and creative—guy like Woody Allen, it’s to be easily dismissed. Or is it?  Perhaps Woody himself is unaware of just how germane his comment really is. 

First, need we remind ourselves that Obama and his party control the White House and both houses of Congress.  As Commander in Chief, he of course has full control over the military.  And in less than two years, the Obama government:

  • controls at least one-sixth of the American economy through the new healthcare law;
  • controls a large part of the automotive industry with the bailout and takeover of General Motors;
  • controls or exercises daunting power over the insurance and financial industries with the bailout of the banks and AIG;
  • controls 96% of the housing market through quasi-government housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac;
  • will have unprecedented control over a large part of the energy sector with the passage of “Cap and Trade” legislation;
  • will have unprecedented control over news and other media outlets that it doesn’t already have de facto control over (i.e., NBC and MSNBC) with the passage of the “fairness doctrine” or its equivalent.
  • will have unprecedented control over the Internet with the passage of so-called “net neutrality” or its equivalent.
  • is attempting to infiltrate and exercise control over the nation’s churches through a new faith-based initiative program that merges churches with the EPA.
  • is attempting, through the Justice Department, to usurp control over a state’s right to duly enact laws to deal with immigration problems within the state (Arizona);
  • is publicly contemplating, through the Justice Department, a modification to the Miranda laws with respect to certain U.S. citizens.

It would seem all President Obama needs now is some kind of national catastrophe or emergency (real or contrived) as justification for enacting his own form of “enabling” law to sweep away any remaining dissent and fully suspend all freedom of speech and civil rights.  So I’d say Woody is just one Reichstag Fire away from getting his wish. 3  But Woody may want to be careful what he wishes for.  His people don’t have a really good history with dictators, don’t cha know. 



Fn. 1: Attributed to Neil Gaiman, in Dream Country

Fn. 2: For Woody Allen quote:

Fn. 3: For more information on the German Reichstag fire click here:

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4 Responses to “Gem of the Week: Woody the Fascist”

  1. Justin Bass Says:

    I seriously question your reading comprehension skills. Or you have a memory like a steel sieve.

    The bailouts of the Wall Street banks, AIG and General Motors began with George W. Bush, in 2008.


    * If you still do not understand the cataclysmic meltdown of our economy that happened under Republican Rule, please watch:

    For you, C.C., you should watch it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, since you’ve proven that you lack memory retention.

    As far as Barack Obama exercising the authority of President to lead our country out of the Great Recession…that’s the President’s job. We, the People, elected him. He is our representative in the Executive Branch.

    George W. Bush overflowed the toilet in the Oval Office, but didn’t clean up his own mess. He just closed the door behind him and left it for the next person to find.

    Barack Obama and the Democrats are cleaning up the multiple messes left behind by the Republicans.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      I seriously question your ability to comprehend, period. Fande Cande? FE? = Facts Evidence? How about this one: LD = Liberal Douchebag. I looked it up in the dictionary the other day and what do you know, there was your face book picture! You’re kind of an ugly mug ain’t ya? Might want to do something about that acne, dude.

      Anyway, did I mention anywhere in this post when the bailouts began? No. (Who’s not comprehending what they read now?) And it’s irrelevant anyway because the other Liberal Douchebag we call President took everything the previous socialist morons gave him and ran with it and he’s still running. Remember your history: Adolf Hitler took full advantage and used all of the power grabs of his predecessors before taking his own expansion of government to a whole new level. That’s what your boy, the Bama, is doing. If you want to cherry pick news articles about who is really adding to the crisis, go here and read it every night before your mommy tucks you into bed:

      I know you don’t like to read, so here’s a snippet:

      “At some point last week, the sheer velocity of Obama’s spending proposals began to overwhelm even experienced Washington hands. In the span of four days, we saw the signing of the $787 billion stimulus bill, the rollout of a $275 billion housing proposal, discussion of Congress’s remaining appropriations bills (about $400 billion) and word of a vaguely-defined financial stabilization plan that could ultimately cost $2 trillion. When representatives of GM and Chrysler said they might need $21 billion more to survive, it seemed like small beer.”

      NOTE: This spending spree is more than Bush spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the general war on terror and Hurricane Katrina, COMBINED, and is BEFORE the trillions that Obamacare will pile on.

      So if, as you so eloquently describe, Bush overflowed the Oval Office toilet, then the current Idiot in Chief has turned the entire White House lawn into a giant stinking cesspool.

  2. Justin Bass Says:


    You wrote:

    “Anyway, did I mention anywhere in this post when the bailouts began? No.”

    That’s the whole point: you should mention when the bailouts began…under George W. Bush.

    -The Great Recession is the Result of Republican Party Rule

    -President Obama and the Democratic-majority Congress are cleaning up the multiple messes left behind by the Republicans.

    -Please watch at your leisure:

    Your fellow American,

    Justin Bass

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Comrade Bass,

      I’m sorry but I don’t get my information on the origins of the credit crisis from a Disney cartoon. If you really think you are able to comprehend the origins of this crisis, in book form, I recommend “The Housing Boom and Bust,” wherein the author, renowned economist Thomas Sowell explains its origins in liberal government policies dating back to the Carter administration, most notably the now infamous Community Reinvestment Act which compelled banks to make risky housing loans to individuals based on race, regardless of whether or not they could pay them back. Here is the link:

      But that’s not the point of this post. The point is that this President and the centralized federal government have more, and ever increasing, power concentrated in their hands (admittedly accumulated over time) than ever before in the history of the United States. It is an unprecedented power grab and Obama wants even more.


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