Gem of the Week: Oh Canada, What A-Houles You Are!

University of Ottawa's Francois Houle

Conservative columnist and best-selling author, Ann Coulter is visiting Canada this week where she is scheduled to speak at three universities. (Boy, I hope they’re paying her a lot of money for that!)  However, before she even got off the plane, a senior University of Ottawa administrator warned her to use “restraint, respect and consideration” when speaking at the school.  In an email to Ann, Academic provost and all-around douche-bag, Francois Houle, wrote:  “Our domestic laws, both provincial and federal, delineate freedom of expression (or ‘free speech’) in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States. I therefore encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here… Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges… I therefore ask you, while you are a guest on our campus, to weigh your words with respect and civility in mind.”  He said some other things too, but I don’t want to offend the sensibilities of average Americans.  By the way, I wonder to how many Jihad-chanting Muslim speakers he sent that kind of an email before they arrived on campus to speak.

Anyway, it’s all good because Ann, being smarter than your average college guest-speaker and infinitely smarter than the liberal provost of some third-rate Canadian university, has turned the tables and is claiming that the provost, by his email, targeted her as a member of an identifiable group, namely conservatives, and as such she will be filing a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging that she is now the victim of hate speech.  Go Ann!

When jackasses like the University of Ottawa provost are able to wield a criminal statute like a martinet school master would a yardstick, any kind of insanity can ensue.  But should we expect anything less from a university administrator in the age of political correctness?  In addition to the liberal bias that is rampant across college campuses in the U.S. and Canada, this incident points out the utter absurdity of the Canadian “hate speech” law, and, for that matter, any laws that would attempt to criminalize speech.  And yet, this Kafkaesque theater of the absurd is precisely what Liberal-Progressive ideas about how to create a politically correct society inevitably lead to.

Well, thank God the Progressives in America have yet to accomplish this item on their agenda (though given the swift and corrupt process by which they rammed healthcare into law anything could happen!)  Until then, I will continue to exercise my right to free speech and, to prove the point, with all due restraint and respect, I cordially invite the University of Ottawa provost and every other French-speaking Canadian to suck frozen moose cock.

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59 Responses to “Gem of the Week: Oh Canada, What A-Houles You Are!”

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  2. Jim Hagen Says:

    Your last sentence nicely encapsulates the bankruptcy of your thought processes.

  3. culturecrusader Says:

    Update: Ann Coulter prevented from speaking at University of Ottawa by mob of hissy-fitting liberals.

  4. Maciek Says:

    How nicely you’ve avoided mentioning WHY Houle sent her that email. And way to say something that makes no sense at all when you imply that “jihad-chanting speakers” are welcome at the university.

    The funny thing about your (and Coulter’s) brand of conservatism is that you drape yourselves in slogans of freedom, constitution, etc. and yet 1. you only take your definition of those things as the right one and 2. you don’t even realize (do you?) how that makes you oh-so-close to the kind of people that made Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union possible.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Thank you for letting me know not only what “brand” my conservativsim is, but also what I do and do not realize. As for your reference to Nazis and Soviets, weren’t they the ones who were big on enacting laws that proscribed what they deemed to be “hate” speech?

      • Maciek Says:

        Well no, they weren’t into any kind of free speech – except when it was their ‘free speech’ they were talking about. They were also very much into making vague references to liberty, natural laws, and all other kinds of good sounding stuff, except that the only definitions of those things they accepted were ones that suited their purposes – sound familiar?

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Not really unless you want to talk about Progressives using code words like: “compassion” and “social justice” when what they really mean is Marxism. The Canadian “hate speech” law is akin to several of the first steps the Nazis took when they assumed power: i.e., telling the press and the citizenry what could and could not be said. I would think as a liberal, which is what I presume you are, that that would be something of a concern to you.

      • Maciek Says:

        “The Canadian “hate speech” law is akin to several of the first steps the Nazis took when they assumed power”

        Yeah, sure it is. And the right to bear arms is written somewhere in the bible, and all muslims are evil, and universal healthcare is a conspiracy to take away all god-fearing people’s right to eat nachos, drink beer, watch football and stay stupid, etc, etc.

        Argh! Why did I come to this site just to tear my hair out at the total imbecilities spouted by you and all the other misguided fools who think that wisdom comes from the mouth of a woman who’s one step away from being a neo-nazi.

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Hmm… a woman who’s a step away from becoming a neo-nazi… Not bad, I may just use that in my next post. Thank you, sir!

      • maciek Says:

        Do you even know what Marxism is? I mean seriously, can you answer that question?

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Are you talking to me, Mr. Trotsky?

      • maciek Says:

        Yes I am. Do you know what Marxism even means? Or is it just something you throw around without knowing what you’re saying?

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Oh, boy, let me go to Wikipedia and find out. Wait a minute… looks like a lot of big words here about the state taking over the means of productioin… I guess that would mean like what? like car companies and stuff? And then there’s some stuff about to each according to his means and redistribution of wealth, but that’s way over my head. Maybe you better ‘splain it to me.

      • maciek Says:

        Since you ask: Marxism in a nutshell is 1. a way of interpreting historical change as being caused by economic change and 2. taking that further as meaning that workers will eventually take over capitalist enterprises. It’s a way of thinking that came about in the middle of the 19th century when big capitalist enterprises really were working workers to the bone in pretty disgusting ways, and is pretty irrelevant in the West today. What the russian communist party did with that outlook is a whole other story altogether.

        Since I’m on a roll, fascism, despite what many people seem to think, in a nutshell is a way of looking at the world that says that war is the natural state of things and that when the strong kill the weak, they are only following nature’s laws.

        I would really like to have it explained to me how either of those things applies to the Obama administration.

      • culturecrusader Says:

        First, given you have the Internet at your fingertips, I think you could have done a little better on the Marxism definition, but I’ll let that slide. However, the hackneyed explanation you give for Fascism is so sloppy I’m going to have to call you on that.

        Fascism, as we all know, began in Italy after WWI. Benito Mussolini, and others, formed the Italian Fascist Party initially as an Italian nationalist movement that stood for violent opposition to all foreign aggressors, a vehement anti-Communist stance and other extreme views. By the way, the word “fascism” comes from the Latin word fasces, which were a bundle of rods tied around an axe and represented the ancient Roman symbol of authority, or more particularly, strength through unity of purpose. As an interesting side note, next time you watch a U.S. State of the Union address look at the wall on either side of the Speaker’s podium: yes, there upon the wall are depictions of the fasces in larger than life gilt relief. It is also on the reverse of the U.S Mercury Head Dime, the precursor to the Roosevelt Dime (how appropriate!)

        Fascism, as an ideology, is distinctive in that it is simultaneously revolutionary and traditionalist. One may think of it as a return to national traditions through revolutionary means. As an economic movement it is very similar to Socialism in terms of its propensity to have government or quasi-government control over private enterprises. But as a political movement, at least as manifested in Germany, it was very unique in the sense that it was almost apolitical. In Germany, Fascism took more the form of a cultural movement born out of an ideology of fierce nationalism and racial purity. Under Hitler, the Nazi Party adopted Fascism to fundamentally transform (sound familiar?) Germany by bringing about national and racial unity and waging war on any and all perceived enemies to Germany. Why wage war? For Hitler, it was all about Lebensraum, or living space. Germany needed more and more arable land to propagate the master race. The only way Germany could get that living space was to wage war on its neighbors. Interestingly, Hitler wrote all about this stuff in Mein Kampf but very few in Europe, or even Germany, took him seriously, much to their peril. But I digress.

        The key similarity between Fascism and Communism is that power (political, economic, social, cultural) is concentrated in the central government, or the state. Another common element is that the state, or the government, is the mechanism through which all societal ills are solved and all wrongs are righted. Both ideologies promise a form of “social justice” if you will. But of course, as we know all too well, one man’s social justice is another man’s oppression.

        So what does all this have to do with the Obama administration? Simply that Obama is a self-described Progressive. Progressivism in America has its own well documented traditions that, at least until WWII, were quite similar to both Fascism and Communism. Look up Woodrow Wilson, the father of America Progressivism, and check out all the wonderful ideas he had. Specifically, to the extent Progressivism advocates increasing the size and scope of government as the cure for all societal ills, it is a close cousin on the same ideological family tree to Fascism and Communism. More to the point, all of these ideologies look to government as the only solution to solve all societal problems. They may vary in the pace of their progression towards the ultimate goal, but they are all progressing towards the goals of government solutions to human problems. They all see a world that is malleable; that can be changed by government policymaking or, if necessary, government force. Changed to fit their own worldview—in their image, if you will. A rather arrogant approach, one might say, but others might just call it audacious.

        With regard to Obama himself, his intentions have really not been “veiled’ at all. He has stated many times over that our problems can only be solved by government. Once you accept that philosophy, all else follows: the only question is whether it is through revolution or evolution. I like to think of it this way: if the world is an egg, Progressives, Fascists and Communists are all looking to boil it: the only question is at what temperature.

        (Damn, that was good! I may just use that for my next post!)

      • Lawrence A. Oshanek / All Canuck Says:

        Damn! Hot Dog Damn! … You are right about that being good! It is so good, that I am compelled, yes, I say compelled, to steal parts of it! HaHaHaHa

      • culturecrusader Says:

        I thankya sir!

      • Lash Larue Says:

        Take a look at the Wikipedia pages I mention and the Neil MacDonald Article.

  5. rolling Says:

    Jim, I’m sure you applauded when our VP used the f-bmb. Don’t be such a an f’ing hypocrite.

    Maciek, you can rewrite the history books for generations to come (as your movement is doing), but you can’t change the truth about what Hitler, Stalin and other like regimes have done to acquire their power. My family tree is missing many limbs because that history you refuse to honestly acknowledge. You are blinded by your own ideology and by what you want everyone else to subdue too.

    • Maciek Says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re getting at. First, last time I looked I didn,t have a movement (or an ideology), nor was I part of one, nor do I want to belong to any movement, group political party, or pretty much any other collectivity you can think of. Second, I myself was born in communist Poland and so very much felt on my own skin how the people who make such regimes possible think and operate – and I stand by what I said above.

      Just because you say that you’re on the side of justice, liberty, and so on – doesn’t make it so.

      But if you want to continue going on in thinking that freedom means freedom to carry guns, and spit on those you don’t like, and keep whole swathes of your population in poverty and without health coverage – then that’s that I guess.

  6. MK Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better than Jim.
    Good luck in this world, culturecrusader.

  7. French-Canadian Says:

    I’m a French speaking Canadian and would have loved to listen Coulter’s speech! I am all for banishing laws regarding our so called Free Speech!
    It frustrates me that I can’t use the word Midget without getting scoffed at!
    It’s frustrating to have to think before I speak in case I would offend anyone. I’m tired of hearing about all the jewish/musleum/palestenian/arabic bullshit. I wish they would have stayed in their country instead of coming here and bringing all their baggage with them!!

    I’m sorry but Coulter should educate herself a little more about the French Speaking Canadians!! We “Quebeckers” are the ones that fight and stand up the most against this politically correctiveness

    • culturecrusader Says:

      You can’t use the word midget? Really? Wow, I should move to Canada! Sorry about the French-speaking thing, I was just saying that for rhetorical effect.

    • maciek Says:

      “It’s frustrating to have to think before I speak”

      Yeah, geez, there’s nothing more frustrating than that.

      Hey, realise this: the reason immigration to Quebec has shifted towards Arabic (not Muslim – learn the difference) countries, is that the Quebec government wants French-speaking immigration. Why then, you might ask, target Arabic countries to draw people from? Because back when colonialism was something everyone did and Christian whites were ransacking every other culture, religion and ethnicity in the world, France was big on North Africa. The other reason is that out of available French-speaking immigrants, they are the most educated. And judging by your spelling and writing, a good deal more educated than you. Say you ever thought about improving yourself and doing constructive things rather than staying surly in a corner while the world changes around you? Just a question.

  8. Keith Says:

    Canadian hate speech, as it was so referred to is meant to stop an escalation of abuse from one group to another. We are free to speak our minds, as this very bog indicates. There will be no secret police knocking on our doors, no show trials for subversion. I you knew what was meant by what Houle said then you’d understand why it was said. Coulter has a reputation in the US, and it crawled its way up to Ottawa and other places. Houle was protecting the University’s interests, not necessarily speaking for the whole country. I’m sure there are American Universities that would muzzle her as well. I don’t agree with the 2 thousand people who blocked her appearance, as far as I’m concerned (and many others who have voiced their opinions), she should have been allowed to speak. Many people wanted the chance to debate her here. Those people who blocked the appearance are no better than those in the US or Canada who stifle opinions or shove their own views down someone else’s throat. Sound familiar?

    You tearing into Canada without the facts sir, is moronic. Just about as moronic as Coulter’s insults. Here’s fact – like it or not – we’re another country with different traditions, different culture and different laws. We are NOT the US, and insulting us because someone here said something to offend someone there is just plain stupid. The fact that American conservative are making such a big deal out of nothing is only perpetuating people’s opinions and moving them more to the left. Keep insulting people, yeah, that’ll gain your movement support.

    • Lash Larue Says:

      Great reply Keith! The problem with life now in the Internet age is that everything happens TOO fast. No time for research because somebody might scoop you.

    • culturecrusader Says:


      What you perceive as an insult was meant as a joke; you know, satire. I would never stoop to generalizing or stereotyping the entire populace of any country; and if you Canadians weren’t such a dull and humorless people you would get that. (Just kidding again.)

      However, in all seriousness, I am quite sure that there are all sorts of good intentions behind the Canadian laws regulating speech, and I also have no doubt that Houle had all kinds of well-meaning intentions behind his letter to Ann, even though I still think he’s a total douche-bag.

      The point of my article and one of the overall leitmotifs of this blog is that Progressive views when codified into actual laws, including the Canadian speech laws, inexorably result in being taken to their logically absurd ends, or worse. You say there are no secret police and show trials in Canada, but here is an example of the Canadian speech law in action, as enforced by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, in its attempt to bring Ezra Levant, a publisher, to answer for the exercise of his right to free speech by publishing a cartoon. This video is almost unbelievable in its Orwellian strangeness and points out the utter ridiculousness of Progressive attempts to enforce political correctness. Fortunately, Mr. Levant, being a savvy guy, turns what otherwise might have been a humiliating and debasing experience into a vindication for all those who would champion free speech. The video is in multiple parts. Watch it if you dare.

  9. James Says:

    Pot, meet kettle. When you make your living shouting people down metaphorically or otherwise, expect the same in return. You get what you give Ann.

    She got what she wanted. More ink and airtime at home, and a faux cause about which to spout more drivel.

  10. culturecrusader Says:

    lLatest news: Canadian school officials are now explaining themselves:

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  12. Lash Larue Says:

    I’m no fan of any of the outrageous nitwits who appear on FOX TV, but I’ve seen three different versions of how this speaking event of Coulter’s was canceled.
    1) Ottawa university officials canceled it;
    2) Anne Coulter herself canceled it: or
    3) Event producer Ezra Levant canceled it, claiming inadequate security put her at risk.

    A piece by CBC’s Neil MacDonald strongly suggests this whole mess was the work of Canadian Conservative and provocateur, Ezra Levant. According to MacDonald, he produced the event and he canceled it. We’ve all been sucked in, regardless of where we are on the political spectrum. {See:}

    In Canada, we have free speech, but several landmark cases in our Supreme Court have defined what limits there are to free speech. There are limits against against promoting hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, etc. Look up Jim Keegstra and Ernst Zundel on Wikipedia. And note that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not explicitly deal with sexual orientation.

    While Coulter and some of her colleagues may be seen as entertaining and colourful television personalities by spouting so much offensive stuff, some of it would be viewed as racist north of the 49th parallel. That’s what the Houle letter was about.

    So, lots of unpleasant Internet spoutings flowing South to North and lots of publicity for Anne Coulter. Maybe it will help her sell some books and maintain her Conserva-babe image. After all, even she has to make a living. And besides, does she really have to believe or mean everything she says?

  13. Lash Larue Says:

    About ten years ago, there was a fuss about shock rocker Marilyn Manson appearing in Calgary, Alberta. Earlier in his tour, he carried on in an interview about the political influence of the religious right. The interviewer was puzzled and said so. Manson clearly had no understanding of Canada and at that time there was no politically powerful religious right (although some may argue there is one now).

    The offensive part of his act was that he would run around the stage wearing little more than a jock strap and tear pages out of a Bible, the wipe his ass with the pages. That was deemed to be offensive to community standards and the City of Calgary somehow canceled the show. That same tour came to my city and I still remember a very intelligent letter a local paper published on the issue. Why, the writer asked, is the Christian ‘majority’ expected to be tolerant and accept such behavior? If Manson did this with pages from a Torah or Koran, he would probably be arrested for promoting hatred. Why the sensitivity about the minority, but not the ‘majority’?

    To bring back the issue to Coulter, do we really need to pay someone to visit Canada and insult and offend us in the name of promoting discussion? Canadians can get into a pretty good debate without the help of a woman who describes herself as a “bigoted, mean-spirited conservative”. Sorry, but she does not sound like “America’s Sweetheart” If she is, you are in big trouble…

  14. Lash Larue Says:

    Here is a comment from a Canadian friend who worked in the USA for two years and followed the whole FOX TV News evolution with fascination:

    Yes I have been following it, a little. Slender elegant blond? Macdonald []
    has gotta be kidding. She’s an anemic waif. Everything about
    Coultergeist is strange. Disregarding her Canadian trips, she is
    basically a fascist with the notion of some form of legalized
    conservatism to replace secularism. Her religion is a big part of her
    global solution. Her brain is anemic too. Good for U of O for protesting
    and shutting her up.

    • Elbert Says:

      So let me get this straight. U of O shuts up Ann and shuts down free speech and Ann is the fascist?

      • maciek Says:

        I can’t believe how easily people have been duped into believing this is about free speech. Coulter cancelled her own speech. End of story.

      • culturecrusader Says:

        It’s not quite the end of the story, though I sense that many Canadian liberals desperately want it to be. If I know anything about Ann Coulter, it is that she always has something to say. There’s no way Ann cancelled that speech unless her security detail (yes, she needs that now) told her she had to. Now granted, it’s just a bunch of sissy college liberals (and Canadian college liberals too, which makes them double-plus extra sissy) but Ann is of the weaker sex and as gentlemen we have to take that into account now, don’t we? Now, that’s the end of the story… or at least Chapter One. Ann is going to milk this one for all it’s worth, as she should.
        (Btw, you get extra credit if you picked up on my Orwellian reference.)

  15. maciek Says:

    All well and good – but I was going for one-sentence descriptions – if you can do better than mine, go ahead. What you say about fascism is true – but if you boil it down to its core (as written out by Mussolini and other Fascists) it is an ideology of justifying war through a perceived natural superiority – that sound familiar?

    By the way, I prefer serious sources of information – the internet can be good, too, but as a source of information it’s for people who don’t want to make an effort.

  16. Lawrence A. Oshanek / All Canuck Says:

    I see you can dish it out but not take it.

  17. Brent Campbell Says:

    Anyone that goes to another country, whether ridiculous right or loony left, and whines about lack of free speech then says in her opening comment “I’m more determined than ever to turn pretty much from Calgary through the west into the 51st state now. We got to save the good Canadians.” In my opinion deserves to be dtawn and quartered. That line alone is as offensive as anything i have heard from Jihadists. I have no need or desire to be saved by that boisterous bovine. please be a good neighbour and keep your cows on your side of the fence.
    a good Canadian

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Yes, you seem to fit in well with all the other good Canadians, provincial and humorless as hags. Be grateful someone as erudite as Ann would even consider entering your barren wasteland. And if it weren’t for the good ‘ole US of A, you wouldn’t be complaining about being the 51st state you would be the most boring Protectorate in the Third Reich. And given Ann’s slender stature, I’m not sure I get the repeated cow references. Maybe you’re blind as a bat too.

      • Brent Campbell Says:

        I think you may need to check you spell check-When you described Anne as erudite I think you really meant rudetit. I grew up on a farm and I know that there are such things as skinny cows they are fairly ugly ugly and often mean spirited. Much like Coulter. As for the third reich comment Canada was at war with Germany for nearly two full years before the Americans pulled their heads out of their asses. While your ideological forebears were saying “That Hitler guy has great ideas” Canadians were fighting and dying.
        P.S. The easy way of describing Anne is that skinny bitch- but dogs in general are smarter than cows
        I remain
        A good Canadian

      • culturecrusader Says:

        rudetit. That’s very good. Did you think of that by yourself? At war for two full years? Really? Well, I’m no student of WW2, but I’m guessing you must’ve pretty much had the Germans beat and we just came in at the end to clean up right? Got a question for you: if a cow is both Canadian and dumb would that be considered redundant?

  18. Lawrence A. Oshanek / All Canuck Says:

    CC: If you can take it …. then don’t edit the parts you don’t like, it’s immature when I respond to you on an issue you have raised.

    Coulter is a shill, nothing more and nothing less, for your cluptoautocratic coproratocracy.

    Every thing she bitches about is a foreseeable consequence of what your country does in the interests of your multinational masters.

    You would still have a manufacturing base in the US if your masters give even one little bit of shit about your country (mine too).

    Coulter doesn’t like free speech any more then any other rigid ideologue … that is why she turns vicious in her replies and then claims her reaction on ‘humour’.

    No amount of contrary evidence will effect her act or change her mind with respect to those initial conclusions she jumped to on 11 September 2001 …. she wrote about her friend, Barbra Olsen’s cell phone call from the aircraft which the FBI said never happened and which a Canadian proved could not happen.

    Nobody who’s ideologically entrenched — be they conservative, liberal or otherwise, likes free speech. That’s their very brain chemistry and conditioning for you.

    If I was an extremist, why I’d have both sides shot!

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Well, Comrade Larry,
      You’re a rigid ideologue and yet you like free speech right? As for her being vicious, maybe someone with your polite sensibilities can teach her some manners. Speaking of polite society, on rare occasions I am forced to do some selective editing of comments so that I don’t offend my average readers. Not that I don’t enjoy a little infantile bathroom humor now and then, but let’s try to keep things PG, shall we?

      • Lawrence A. Oshanek / All Canuck Says:

        So now it’s comrade … haha …Your country is f’d up right now.
        It’s full of a people suffering from mass delusions include Ms. Coulter and you.

        You have at least 18 to 20% real unemployment and your army is being deployed, prepared and trained to fire on your own people.

        You have border checkpoints up to 100 miles from your borders stopping everyone to check their papers and to train them to blindly obey such blatantly unlawful authority.

        You are about to bomb Iran because Iran is now selling it’s oil for euros instead of dollars and you do not want that idea to spread.

        You sneak your war dead back into the country without any respectful public ceremony and you condone and do actual torture.

        Your previous cabinet and President are war criminals and you are still kissing Saudi Arabia’s arse. You have passed laws requiring people to get inoculation shots they do not want or need and some states are seizing children for the only purpose of adopting them out for fees.

        More then 40% of people in the country no longer believe anything the government tells it about most everything and you are about to be forced to purchase US Treasury Bonds by payroll deduction because no one else in the world will buy them.

        You have another round of mortgages about to go to default and many more banks are failing.

        You honour and respect the thieves who robbed you blind and your CIA is the biggest smuggler and dealer of drugs in your country.

        Your mutual fund companies have been looted by management and thousands a day are becoming homeless because their saving have be stolen.

        You have internal corruption throughout your government from the local police through to ex-president’s.

        You have more internal dissidents then the soviet union ever had and your population cannot buy enough guns and ammunition to satisfy themselves over their fears of the coming US internal war.

        Yet you and Coulter have time to attack and blame Canada because you have nothing else to worry about?

        I have made accommodations for 6 families from the states to come here to escape what is about to happen in the US and I am advising all free thinking men to move to Northern states so that they can escape the US with their families when the shit hits the fan …. I suspect it will be a very hot summer this year and I wish you well.

        In the course of our history, we have granted political asylum to over 200,000 US citizens fleeing the United States and I cannot find one case where a Canadian sought such status in the US to escape an oppressive Canadian government.

        I think it just about sucks to be you …. but, have a nice night, Mr. Comrade cultural commissar … you are way to dumb and willfully blind to dialog with.

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Wow! Now that you put it that way we really are a mess, and evil too! By the way, is it just our previous President who is a war criminal, or is our current President one too?
        Yeah, I guess it does suck being me. This week, I couldn’t even get to go to the tennis club but twice because my Maseratti is in the shop, so I had to hang out and drink gin and tonics by the pool. Quick question: is it only free thinking men that you allow to emigrate and live with you in the Canadian tundra?

      • Lawrence A. Oshanek / All Canuck Says:

        Na, this week you are glued to your computer trying to provoke people to get the people to pay attention to you which you can get no other way.

        We just had another of your ugly ‘merican women up here trying to lecture us, that power hungry bitch Clinton – you know, that wonderful example of American womanhood who demonstrated that she was so power hungry she would endure any degree of public humiliation just to maintain her chance at having real power …. and she is too you know, the Clinton of Whitewater fame whose business partners, lawyers and friends just seem to get “accidentally” killed (or just up and nicely die) at the most opportune time for her ambitions (one of them committed suicide by shooting himself 3 times in the left temple – he was right handed – and then he went for a walk to find a place to lay down to finish becoming dead!). Yep, wonderful women … but you can keep em, we don’t want em.

        I say again, no., no, no …. we do not want her or Coulter’s types …. they are the problem, not the solution.

        But there are many many good ordinary people in the US who do not deserve to be pawns to, for or of your cluto-corporatocracy. The Ugly Americans …. no, no, we do not want those ones!

        Are you feeling the love? No …… well maybe you should go sniff a line of coke, it’s mostly supplied to you by elements within your own government.

        However, my advise to you is to move to a northern state as the ones bordering the southern land exits are expected to be the most active war zones (Texas) where refugees will be shot by either side, as traitors (by the Federalist side) or for what guns, munitions or money they have (by the anti-government rabble) and then, should you make it into Mexico … why, ha ha ha ha … they will kill you only just for your shoes.

        I live in Calgary …. did you know that there are over 70,000 American ex-pats already here! Nah …. you didn’t know that.

        Out of the 20 or 30 or so whom I know, they say they all love their country but they all carry Canadian passports … think about the why of that one for a moment!

        Yep, our lefties are vocal but there are few of them and they are mostly non-violent.

        Coulter milked the protest at the U of Zero for all she could and she got even you and me talking about her but do not substitute the propaganda value to her of an incident into a judgement of value systems, as that value judgement too, makes you just another “ugly” American.

        Ha Ha …. do you honestly think that Bush did not know that 9/11 was 9/11 on 9/11? Oh man, you cannot be that dumb. We know who owned the Bushes x’s 2 (Saudi Royal Family) and Clinton (Drug Mob) …. who owns Obama, that is what should worry you.

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Ah, now I see who you are! A 9-11 truther! I thought it would be only a matter of time before I netted one of you lunatics. I guess you think we never put a man on the moon too. And that JFK is still alive, probably playing poker in a nursing home somewhere with Elvis and Jim Morrison. Listen, tell the doctor to up the dosage on your meds and then we can talk.

  19. Why I Love Ann Coulter « Culture Crusader Says:

    […] […]

  20. Lash Larue Says:

    Culture Crusader, is this purely an amateur blog, or are you paid in some way for the commenting activity?

    I ask because during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics I started looking around at some of the slams and nasty attacks that were leveled at our Games. The British papers started off by declaring them the “worst Games ever” within a matter of days. As the Olympics unfolded I think we proved all the doubters wrong. I attended a number of events and met my share of visitors from the USA and around the world, and all were enjoying themselves.

    At one point I was looking around on the Internet and happened on an American on-line sports magazine and the very negative opinion of one of their writers. Interestingly, he, like you ‘culture crusader’, was wading into the comments. He frequently remarked that this statement or that statement was just to “promote discussion.” Could it be because he would get paid more, the more discussion he generated? I’ve seen ads seeking bloggers for sites and the pay is usually abysmal, if at all. Other times it may be tied to views and comments, as this will be proof to potential advertisers of “views.” I realized this guy’s put-down of the Games, was an armchair exercise calculated to stir the pot and create controversy and debate. But not for a good reason. In reality, it was purely a journalistic wank.

    The lesson this taught me is that I must be very wary of this billion-channel media called the Internet.

  21. Lash Larue Says:

    So the question is, who pays you?

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