Gem of the Week: Sean Penn Unplugged

Poor Sean Penn has been having a tough time of it lately. 

A few weeks ago the actor was charged with battery and vandalism in connection with (an alleged) attack on a photographer last fall.  It could land him up to eighteen months in jail!  Ouch!

Then there’s all the criticism he’s been receiving for those untoward comments he made about journalists needing to be jailed for calling his good buddy, Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez, a dictator.

Then just a few days ago, he had a dust up with a journalist over what he considered to be an inappropriate question.  Her question concerned an earlier statement Penn had made that critics cynical about his do-good works as a celebrity should “die screaming of rectal cancer.”  She was scolded by Penn and his publicist and escorted from the room.

Poor, poor Sean Penn.  Was ever a man more misunderstood?  Well, this is only a suggestion, but maybe Mr. Penn would be better off if he moved to Venezuela.  There, he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone calling Mr. Chavez a dictator, and he wouldn’t ever have to worry about being bothered with pesky questions from journalists or having his picture taken ever again.  And neither would we.

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6 Responses to “Gem of the Week: Sean Penn Unplugged”

  1. Justin Bass Says:

    Yeah, Culture Crusader!! Yeah!!

    Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


    If anybody disagrees with what you think they should move out of the country? But are we not all Americans by birth? We were all born here, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney and Halliburton. Oh wait, Halliburton did move out of the country. The company took taxpayers’ money in the form of no-bid contracts and then moved its headquarters to Dubai to escape paying future taxes to the US Treasury. Slick and Egregious! Way to go Republicans!

    How can you condone this behavior, Culture Crusader?

  2. culturecrusader Says:

    What are you one of the Beatles? “Yeah… yeah… yeah!”

    It has been my observation that liberals are the ones who are always proclaiming they’re going to move out of the country. I’m merely taking them up on their offer. In fact, I’ll even pay for their plane ticket provided, of course, that it is one way.

    Condone what behavior?

    • Dave Denoy Says:

      Well, we only want to leave it when we feel helpless as the right wing turns the Land of the Free into a theocracy and a corporate wasteland where Americans are subjugated by rules written for economical benefit. Under Bush/Cheney, we wanted leave – when th long, national nightmare ended, we felt hope (how arrogant!) that we could pull the country back from the brink and move forward again. The GOP does EVERYTHING in its power to stop ANY forward movement, instead clinging to a late 1700’s view of the world. If the then seeming extremist conservative Barry Goldwater didn’t care for or recognize the GOP, the founding fathers would be appalled at what is claimed by the right and the Tea Baggers as the Founders’ intent. But the right is so good at manipulating the fears of less informed people for whom the world has grown too complex to grasp with a mere slogan and they do nothing to help the situation. Only further the aims of the wealthy while dangling this illusory promise of equal wealth opportunity for anyone who spouts the capitalist mantra. It’s a lie. Opportunities are not abounding and the fiscal noose is tightening around the neck of the middle class. Yet these angry people continue to vote against their own self interests because they are fooled into thinking someone is taking something away that is rightfully theirs.

      They’re right, of course. Someone is taking wealth and resources away from them. But is is not some fill-in-the-blank brand of immigrants (we’re pretty much ALL immigrants to this country) – it the corporations who drive their profits before their country’s welfare because they have no allegiance to a country. The are multinational for a reason – so they can apply their economic totalitarianism across the globe.

      And as for Sean Penn -Holy Crap! The world doesn’t have enough serious problems to deal with – problems that affect our own citizenry – and all you can do is rail about celebrity misbehavior!? Say what you will about his emotional makeup (he is an actor and temperamental almost by definition), when Katrina hit New Orleans, the guy was on the scene in a friggin’ motor boat ferrying stranded citizens to safety while Bush vacationed and photo-oped in complete lack of awareness or concern. Remember? He was so out of touch that his staffers had to put together a DVD compendium of the week’s coverage of the storm? While Brownie was doin’ a “heckova job” and Mother Bush was commenting on how well it was working out for the poor stranded in their own excrement at the Superdome, Penn was on the scene doing something about the problem.

      • culturecrusader Says:

        Forward movement towards what? That’s what you need to ask yourself. What are Progressives progressing towards? What are you progressing away from? The Constitution? In lieu of reasoned argument you string bumper-sticker slogans together. Bush=evil. Cheney=more evil. Long, national nightmare.. blah, blah, blah! You must take notes during that nutjob Keith Olberman’s program. And as for your leaving the country, just tell me where I need to send the plane fare.

  3. Thomas Stazyk Says:

    Well, Spicoli always was a visionary. Didn’t he say “What Jefferson was saying was, Hey! You know, we left this England place ’cause it was bogus; so if we don’t get some cool rules ourselves – pronto – we’ll just be bogus too! Get it?”

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