Lately, I have been getting a little more than the usual static from the luminaries of the liberal left on the economy and from whence our current economic woes have come.  To set the record straight, here is a little clarity on three points:

I.  Liberal Canard Number One: The Bush tax cuts were bad for America

First, only a liberal, or a deranged person, would argue that cutting taxes somehow hurts Americans.  The misconception spread by leftists that the Bush tax cuts caused the federal deficit problems of today (as opposed to wanton government spending) is a prevarication that only the mind of Nancy Pelosi could invent.  In point of fact, the Bush tax cuts actually increased government revenue.  It is established fiscal science that tax revenues depend not only on the tax rate, but on the tax base.  If the tax base is shrinking, then it doesn’t matter what the tax rate is; tax revenue will be anemic.  The tax base expands only when taxable behavior is encouraged (as opposed to discouraged.)   Raising tax rates discourages taxable behavior and therefore shrinks the tax base, offsetting whatever revenue gains might occur by raising rates.  On the other hand, lowering tax rates encourages taxable behavior and expands the tax base, offsetting any revenue losses as a result of the lower rates.  Of course, I wouldn’t expect a liberal to understand this because it is all common sense.  But don’t take my word for it, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) tax revenues in 2006 (after the Bush tax cuts had taken effect) were actually $47 billion above what the CBO had projected before the tax cuts were implemented. Clearly, common sense works in the real world as well.  For more, see:

II. Liberal Canard Number Two:  Bush is to blame for the current size of the federal budget deficit

Liberals like to refer to the 2008 Bush-Paulson bailout of Wall Street banks when they really should be talking about the Bush-Paulson-Obama-Geithner bailout of 2008. As we will recall, Obama gave his full throated support for the bailout during the campaign, and tax cheat Tim Geithner was actually instrumental in crafting that bailout in his role as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  And now, it seems, he and Obama can’t wait to do more.  And by more, I mean add another one trillion onto Bush’s $700 billion (and this doesn’t even include what he wants to spend on healthcare!)  Again, don’t take my word for it, click on the link below for a full exposition of the Bush vs. Obama deficit comparison.

III. Liberal Canard Number Three:  Bush and his failed Iraq War policies are the cause of all our present econoomic woes

With regard to Iraq, after the attacks of 9-11 America found herself at war and we are still at war today.  One would think this to be self-evident, but with liberals you never know.  Wars cost money (another axiom), but further, this was (and is) a first-of-its-kind war to be waged on many fronts.  While it can be argued whether invading Iraq when we did was truly a necessary component of the war, it cannot be denied that Bush kept the country safe for eight years.

Finally, liberals need to stop obsessively blaming Bush for everything under the sun, moon and stars.  The problems of present-day America belong to the present administration under the jurisdiction of Mr. Obama.  In the psychobabble that liberals are so fond of, he needs to start owning them.  You can’t begin to fix a problem until you first admit you have one.

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19 Responses to “”

  1. Justin Bass Says:

    Here’s how it went down. Either the Bush administration meant well, and they thought spending hundreds of billions of dollars to (set up a democracy in Iraq/ create an ally in the Middle East/ put pressure on Iran/ pick your answer really) while funneling oil back home was a sound preemptive attack policy—and somehow none of this would stir up a hornet’s nest of counterinsurgency activity—OR the Bush administration thought spending hundreds of billions of dollars to set up a base of operations in the Middle East, while having U.S. and friendly countries pump the oil (or control the pumping of the oil) to back home was a pretty F-ing great idea—and damn the insurgents! “Bring ‘em on!” Freedom’s coming! We’ll be greeted as liberators, Dicky Cheney said.

    All it took was WMDs! WMDs! “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud…We know he has weapons of mass destruction…Any country with an active intelligence program knows [Saddam Hussein and Iraq] have weapons of mass destruction…It’s been pretty well confirmed that Atta [one of the 9-11 suicide highjackers] met with senior Iraqi officials…We’re going after terrorists and those who harbor terrorists…We’re gonna have a War on Terror…We’re gonna smoke ‘em out…

    What the F were these guys doing? How did they get the balls to tell bald-faced lies like that? It is absolutely staggering the Trillions of Dollars that were stolen from the American People, stolen from the U.S. Treasury…money that could have paved our roads, maintained our bridges, put solar electricity on school rooftops, modernized our hospitals…or how about this? What if we were funding China’s Debt, instead of the other way around? Bush came in with a $200 billion surplus (that was projected to be a $5.7 Trillion surplus over the next 10 years, from 2000-2010, if not for the dot-com bust). The economy was shits-and-giggles during the Clinton years compared to the dilapidated state in which Bush left it. Yes, 9-11 happened. We went into Afghanistan to break up the terrorist training camps: good. Let Osama bin Laden escape: bad. Invaded Iraq under false pretenses of WMDs and false accusations of an Iraq/ al Qaeda connection: priceless.

    Halliburton did so F-ing good in the Iraq War the company moved its headquarters from Houston, Texas to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the Middle East .No Shit! Dick Cheney was their CEO, in between being Defense Secretary under George Bush, the First (why does this sound like a monarchy?), and being Vice President under George W. Bush, not junior thank you very much. What an ornery cuss this guy is. I wouldn’t want to have a beer with him. Does anybody else remember when newscasters used that metaphor for George W. Bush? “Beer Man.” Voters wanted to have a beer with him, despite him being a recovering alcoholic.

    I mean, where the F is Godot? It was Theatre of the Absurd, from color-coded, terror-alert signals (Oh, it’s yellow! Am I supposed to bring a sweater now?—Bill Maher) to so fresh & so clean Colin Powell being duped to show a vile of cocaine* at the United Nations and telling the world it was Anthrax or some kind of biological weapon. Bush knows what good blow tastes like. It stings in the nostrils and stings dripping down the back of the throat, and numbs the tongue and lips. You’re so F-ing on the Universe’s wave length…all you want to do is talk about how great everything is, and how you know how to accomplish it…and you’re with your friends who also like to do a bump every once in a while. And they’re listening to what you’re saying because you’ve got the bag, and they’re agreeing with you as you chop up a fat line.

    * yao used as literary device.

    Oh, and the shoes did fly. But George is a quick one. He’s so wily he made his name one letter: W. Double-U is one of those really F-ed up letters. En español it makes mucho mas sense. A little Spanglish for ya, as Bush would break out when visiting Spanish speaking contingents. I mean, have you heard the man speak our native tongue? You can imagine how he’s butchering Spanish if you’ve heard him ground and pulverize “the Queen’s English,” as the Brit in Basterds said. Anyway, W. in español is double-V. Makes total sense. It looks like a double V. W. So why not call it Double-V in English? See what I mean? W is one of those really F-ed up letters. It looks like two Vs, but we use it to make a Whee sound. However, the letter usually never stands alone. We deal with it by putting it in front of other letters to make words, like that one. “T”—tea: a drink; tee: the initial stroke of the ball in golf, or the wooden stick that holds the golf ball; turn left at the “T” in the road. I feel like Sesame Street—oh, how I miss you 1970s Sesame Street…1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12. Look at the letter “T” and see that it is not such a F-ed up letter, compared with W.

    Yes, he’s a wily one, that W–George Bush, Jr. I used to think, “They’re trying to get away with it, but I won’t let them.” Now I know they got away with it, and the only recourse is making sure that everybody knows the closest thing to reality that happened during the George W. Bush era…so that we don’t ever repeat the folly. An entire country’s fortune and future jeopardized by the reckless acts of a few power hungry people in the Bush administration. I wonder if there are some Conservatives in their wealthy social cliques who admire the deviousness and money-getting exploitation that occurred. I say “some” because I have run into “some” crazy, racist, greedy, hypocritical, ignorant, bellicose people who call themselves Conservatives. Bush, after all, was a Compassionate Conservative. Man, just think if that was the Mild Conservative what would an Extra Spicy Conservative taste like? W leaves a bad taste in your mouth. From now on, I’ll pass on the Conservatives for fear of heartburn and getting the runs.

    Full disclosure: I love Mexican food; I have had the runs before not caused by Mexican food.

    W–why that nickname? A nickname is usually shorter. Like one or two syllables. W is one letter, and it takes as much time to pronounce it as it does to say “What up, B?” He replaced the one syllable of his first name, George, with three syllables. It’s a unique nickname, I’ll give him that. I can’t think of anyone who used this singular-letter nickname in all of history. I can’t think of any object or tool or beverage or activity that requires anyone to say “Gimme that there W…over by the W…put up the W on top of the W.” Nope, that I don’t recall. In fact, by appropriating W—his middle initial, which stands for Walker—as his nome de politic, Bush, Jr. took a really F-ed up letter that nobody had used before as a nomenclature for anything in particular (and probably no one ever will again) and made it his nickname. (If you like a nickname you keep it; if you don’t like a nickname you don’t let nobody call you by it.) It’s kind of like Napoleon taking an ordinary, albeit goofy-looking all around by today’s standards, hat…and turning it sideways. It wasn’t like twisting a baseball cap to the side. Napoleon looked like he had Mickey Mouse ears, but more shaped like ski jumps on either side of his head. No one has worn a hat like that since. Napoleon was one of a kind. Hopefully, so is W.

    Because what that guy did, what he and his goons and cronies and corporate welfare crooks did, is unspeakable. That’s why I’m writing it down.

  2. culturecrusader Says:

    Boy oh boy, you liberals and your hissy fits! Look, you’re obviously hysterical right now. Take deep breaths… in…. out… in… out… There you go! Now go find a mirror and say your daily affirmations. Repeat after me, “I’m a good person, and people like me… and I like myself.”

  3. Dave Denoy Says:

    Typical right wing response to facts. Name calling and insults. That’s why the right has no ideas… only criticisms. Thank God (yes, God for all you who think the left are a godless mob) for the Progressive mind. At least we are thinkin’ sh!t up so you you guys on the right have something to mock and denigrate (the principle talent of the right). You are intellectually and morally bankrupt and can only tear the world down. It has ALWAYS been progressive movements that have led and guided the development of the world.

  4. culturecrusader Says:

    Oh, you’re thinking sh*t up all right! Emphasis on sh*t. Name one Progressive government program that has actually worked without wreaking massive collateral damage.

  5. Dave Denoy Says:

    Social Security

    • Elbert Says:

      Which everyone agrees is unsustainable and will soon be bankrupt. Try again.

      • Dave Denoy Says:

        That’s because its coffers have been looted to pay for other things, like unnecessary wars and expenses. Liberals are not the spend until the end crowd everyone on the right likes to claim. Can you imagine the collateral damage to retirement monies if they’d been allowed to privatize SS? OUCH! Hedge fund managers would take the uninformed and ill advised investments the common folk would be forced to make with their SS contributions and after they take their profits and the ponzy scheme collapses, their properties will be available for the rich, ruling classes to gobble up.

        Remember who is responsible for the two largest deficits in the history of our nation – Republicans Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Why don’t we tax the wealthy and corporations fairly like we did in the days when Conservatives were truly conservative?

        Don’t talk to me about progressive ideas wreaking financial havoc.

  6. Dave Denoy Says:

    Liberal Truth #1 – the tax cuts benefited only the wealthiest, not across the board. Our Trillion dollar surplus evaporated in this massive looting of the Treasury. Trickle down theory has been debunked so please don’t start with the ‘businesses hire more when their costs are less. Businesses simply extract more work out of the remaining work force and increase their profits to pay for dividends and obscene bonuses to executives.

    Liberal Truth #2 – the current deficits are not the result of the bailout lone. Let’s remember the off-budget wars that were never properly accounted for/ ACCOUNTED for. That’s basic accounting – ALL your expenses are plotted against ALL your revenue. The negative difference is the deficit.

    Liberal Truth #3 – the problems of present day America didn’t materialize in mid January 2009 with the swearing in of President Obama. They were built over the eight years of the Republican run government. Remember – they had the House and the Senate up to 2006 and the White House for the better part of the last half century and yet somehow Liberals’ claims of the GOP’s inability to govern are a falsehood? And as long as you feel it necessary to drag 9/11 into the argument, the worst attack on American soil happened on a Republican watch – in spite of months of warning. The Bush administration was so focused on attacking Iraq (refer to the signatories of the open letter to President Clinton from the Project for a New American Century). They wanted a “modern day Pearl Harbor’ and by George, they got one!

  7. Shweta Says:

    “A few of us view these comments in their context and see the larger point being made. The rest are liberals. ”

    What is her larger point? you said later in your post that “she can not be viewed as targeting any one group”, no, she outwardly offends every group of people on Earth.

    I can respect your revere for her, seeing as you are clearly a huge conservative. I am a huge liberal. We would probably never mesh too well. I’m not here to dump on your beliefs, there is no point, people that are adamant with what they believe can’t be changed. I commend you on taking a stance, and defining well your points. I’m going to leave it there.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Ann’s larger point depends on the context of what is being said.
      If she outwardly offends everyone, then can it really be said that she is offending anyone in particular? If no group or individual is exempted from her searing rhetoric then no group should feel singled out, should they? Ergo, no one should be particularly offended.
      I appreciate that you consider my point of view, but I take issue with your view that people can’t be changed. While these days, yes, I am staunchly on the right, such was not always the case. In fact, I used to be as adamantly liberal as I am now conservative. I was a hardcore Democrat, I’m embarrassed to say. I was young and dumb and I guess I am a model for the Churchillian maxim: “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brain.”
      But I think to say I got older and simply saw the error of my youthful views is a a bit too trite, don’t you? I think the Democrats and liberalism in this country also changed. Something happened during the Clinton presidency and then after 9-11 that gradually brought me to the point where I saw my philosophy as one in continuing conflict with the Democrats and, now today, one which is vehemently opposed to almost everything they advocate. I wonder what happened? Could it be the rebirth of the Progressive movement in this country and their virtual takeover of the Democratic Party? Something to ponder.

  8. Shweta Says:

    I am 19, I think you are right that 9/11 was a dividing point for a lot of people…it is offensive to be offensive. I don’t know how to make that anymore clear, it’s offensive, and hurtful to say some of the things she has said. I am sorry if I came off as brash on my comment on my blog, I don’t even bother with Republicans, because they end up…usually breathlessly bashing everything I believe in. I probably should of read your comment back on your blog first…sorry, my mistake, a lot of Republicans are douchebags….

  9. Shweta Says:

    Lately…I’m politically unforgiving. The SECOND biggest divider, besides 9/11, was Obama. I could of cared less about politics…some of the uproar from his presidency is what sparked my flame…I do not ever think I will ‘grow into my republican shoes’ however…I don’t think you are an idiot…by the way(now)…

    Signed, your favourite person to converse with about politics.

  10. Shweta Says:

    I AM. haha. I meant Obama truly made Liberals and Conservatives…that much more intolerant of the other. I don’t worship Obama, but I do rise to his defense when words like, “Socialist, Terrorist, Racist against whites, Abortionist(Some of these are just dumb if I were to go on…dumber i meant) I can’t wrap my head around the rationale of an Obama hater. I saw a post you had the title as, “Obamacare” I wrote a post on the Healthcare Reform. I AM POSITIVE. We are so arch enemies when it comes to that. Ha. Let’s not dance that dance. I meant ‘divider’ like it split people…and caused a lot more animosity than I thought was seated the sides opposing.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      I see. Well then I think you would have to admit that that has been a major failing of his. Didn’t he run for President vowing to put an end to partisan divisions and promising to bring people together, even those of adamantly opposing viewpoints? One of the ways he said he was going to do this was to bring everyone together in a completely transparent process, devoid of corruption and backroom deal-making. Of course, nothing like that happened.
      But ok, let’s assume just for the sake of argument that absolutely nothing he has done as President has been the least bit divisive or controversial and that the problem is all on the side of the Republicans, the Tea Partiers, the so-called haters, etc. Hasn’t he still then failed to deliver in unifying the country as he promised? Even worse, more than failed, if as you say he has engendered actual animosity and divided the country under his leadership more than ever before. In other words, at the very minimum, you would have to concede that this administration has a very big communication problem.

      As for my posts on Obamacare, I think you might be referring to the one about Castro. That one is ok, but for a much more comprehensive examination of the healthcare law, read this one:

      You’ll see my opposition has nothing to do with hating the man, etc. Rather, it has to do with my conviction that he has, through this usurpation of power, violated something I hold near and dear: the Constitution.

  11. Shweta Says:

    I just read the last bit of your post. Much of the problems facing THIS administration…were inherited from the Bush administration. However, I’m sure you’ve heard that line a lot.

    Boy oh boy, you liberals and your hissy fits! Look, you’re obviously hysterical right now. Take deep breaths… in…. out… in… out… There you go! Now go find a mirror and say your daily affirmations. Repeat after me, “I’m a good person, and people like me… and I like myself.”-lmao. That made me laugh…purely because it is true, at times I myself get worked up to such a crippling point over Obama-haters…not to the extent that guy delved, politics…worst way to make friends. I rather talk about religion than politics because at least religion is made up.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      Yes, I had fun with him. Not that I recommend it, but if you go to his site you’ll see he’s dedicated an entire post to how stupid I am. It’s rather amusing.

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