Gem of the Week: City Officials Intolerant of Intolerance

Miss Beverly Hills Lauren Ashley

Miss Beverly Hills and upcoming Miss California contender, Lauren Ashley, has been publicly condemned by the City of Beverly Hills this week for expressing her views against gay marriage.  According to FOXNews, the Mayor of Beverly Hills and the entire city council were very upset by Ashley’s comments.   Indignant and all aflutter, they let it be known that Beverly Hills has a long tradition of tolerance and, therefore, will not tolerate Miss Beverly Hills’s comments.

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4 Responses to “Gem of the Week: City Officials Intolerant of Intolerance”

  1. Elbert Says:

    Don’t you just love California!

  2. goldnsilver Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the contestant expressing her opinions, whatever they may be. However, if the community she is representing is disgusted by her opinions, then I don’t see a problem with them also responding in turn.

    • culturecrusader Says:

      You make a valid point. My point, however, is that these particular community officials have gone out of their way to condemn her for expressing an opinion that they disagree with, all the while proclaiming their tolerance for diversity of opinions.

      • goldnsilver Says:

        It’s an interesting catch isn’t it? The community officials want to tolerate everyone’s opinions, yet a person who is currently representing them is saying things that are really detrimental to their community.

        I think everyone is between a rock and a hard place on this one.

        But how far is going out of their way? Letting the media know that ‘we don’t agree with that’ quite explicitely – is that too far? They haven’t chucked her out, they haven’t said ‘you can’t represent us’. It seems that they’ve just stated ‘this opinion doesn’t represent us‘.

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